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Secure your spot as a Consignor.  Click the icon for registration link.  There is a $10 non-refundable registration fee. 

prepare your items


Our online system is so easy to use!  Log your items using drop down categories, print your tags, hang and prepare your items for the event.

choose a drop off time


Select a drop off appointment when you log in to your consignor account.

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Consignors get to shop early at our VIP Presale!

earn money for your items


Consignors earn 50% of your sales and up to 60% if you sign up to help during the event.

your check is in the mail


Your check is mailed to you within 14 days of the event.

Consignor Schedule- Spring 2020

Consignor Entry Deadline

For our Spring 2020 Sale, the deadline to enter your items into our system is:

Sunday, May 10 at 11 pm

Consignor Drop Off

Drop off Days are (by appointment):

Wed., May 13, 9 am- 2pm and 5-8 pm

Thurs., May 14, 9am- 1pm

Consignor Shopping

Our VIP Presale for Consignors is:

Thurs., May 14 from 6-9 pm

Consignor Pickup

Consignor Pickup of unsold items is:

Sunday, May 17 from 6-8 pm at the event space, Veteran's Hall, Osterville


Accepted Items


Pink Buoy Consignment accepts new and gently worn current brand name items and boutique labels from petites to plus sizes and maternity.

For our Fall Events- we accept Fall/Winter items.  Please NO shorts, capris, summer tops, linens, sundresses, beach wear and summer sandals.

For our Spring Events- we accept Spring/Summer items.  Please no heavy wool sweaters or coats  (lightweight jackets only please), corduroys or velvet but jeans and long sleeve, lightweight sweaters are accepted.   Swim wear, preferably new with tags or in excellent condition only.

Items must be clean and in excellent condition, hung and tagged and sorted by category type for drop-off (see Tagging Info section).

Clothing is limited to 100 pieces per consignor. There is no limit on other items.

Accepted Items:

Women's clothing (including tops, pants, skirts, sweaters, jeans, dresses, coats, jackets, rainwear, athletic wear and formal wear)

Teen/junior clothing (no children's sizes)

Swim wear (New or excellent condition only)




Gloves and mittens (Fall Sale only)




Shoes and boots

Miscellaneous Accessories

Not Accepted:


Maternity clothing




Items that smell of cigarette smoke, pet odor or mothballs

Shrunken, stretched out, faded or wrinkled garments

Garments with holes, tears, broken zippers, broken/missing fasteners

Garments with pilling, fuzz, lint or pet hair

Character shirts or cutoff shirts

Wedding gowns

Suggested brands may include, but are not limited to: Ann Taylor, Anne Klein, Banana Republic, BCBG, Chico's, Coach, Coldwater Creek, Express, Gap, Guess, J Crew, INC, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, LOFT, Michael Kors, New York & Company, Patagonia, Ralph Lauren, The Limited, The North Face, Tory Burch and MANY OTHERS. 

Please do not be offended if we say "no thank you" to some of your items.  We put guidelines in place to ensure a high quality event for our consignors and shoppers.

consignor registration

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Tagging/Preparing Your Items

suggested supplies

  • White cardstock paper (required)
  • Tagging gun
  • Safety pins
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon/string
  • Hangers (shirt and pant)
  • Zip ties


  • Make sure all items are clean and free of rips, holes, etc.
  • Clothing is limited to 100 pieces, so bring your best.  No limit on shoes, scarves, jewelry, handbags and accessories.
  • Hang clothing with the hanger facing left like a question mark?
  • Secure all buttons and zippers
  • All bottoms must be hung by the waistband (pant hangers are preferred)
  • We will no longer accept pants pnee
  • Please tag in the manufacturer's label or in the left underarm seam
  • Handbags, belts, hats, mittens/gloves and scarves do not require hangers 


 Our Consignor software is very easy to use.  You must log in all of your items into your consignor account.

Below are the fields you will find when you enter your items online:

CONSIGNOR NUMBER: You will receive your Consignor Number when you first register.  You will select a password.  The system will automatically print your consignor number on all of your tags.

CATEGORY: Choose the category for your item. EXAMPLE: Tops- Long Sleeve, Dresses- casual, Shoes, Jewelry, etc.

SIZE: Please follow these guidelines when choosing a size for your items.  Size categories are:

Sizes 00-20 and XXS-XXL

For jeans/pants that use waist size:












NOTE: For teen sizes, please select the number closest to that size, Do not use uneven numbers (1, 3, 5, etc.)

If a size is a range, use the higher size. (Example: size 3/4 should be size 4).

If items do not have a size (handbags, jewelry, etc.), you should select “Leave Blank” from the drop down menu.

DESCRIPTION LINES 1 & 2: This should be a short, accurate description of your item so it can be identified quickly. We will be able to search this field when we have an item that is missing a tag and be able to credit the consignor at the time of purchase. Be sure to include the brand, color, fabric type and any distinctive feature (buckle, two tone, off the shoulder); bring selling points to the buyer’s attention (NWT, Never worn, etc.).  There is a 24 character limit for each line.

LINE 1 EXAMPLE: Banana Republic black velvet, BCBG sequin, etc.
LINE 2 EXAMPLE: black skinny leg, New with tags!, Reversible vest,
Retails for $50, Only worn once, etc.

Keep in mind that we will be using the Title & Description fields to help match up items missing tags to the correct consignor so they receive credit at the time the item is being sold. Make sure your Title & Description work together to help us accomplish that task should your item lose its tag.

PRICE: The minimum price for an item is $5.00. If needed, group smaller items together and sell as a $5.00 set.  Items must be priced in .50 increments (i.e. $5.50, $8.00, $10.50). Enter whole dollar amounts with two decimal places (i.e. 20.00; 5.00; 8.50, etc.).

DONATE: Check this box if you want to donate an item that has not sold by the end of the sale.

DISCOUNT: Check this box if you want your item included in our half-price sale, which takes place on Sunday.

  • Tag will include your consignor #, item #, item description, category, size, price and discount and/or donate.
  • You price your own items using our Pricing Guide
  • You select if you want your items to be discounted to 50% off on Sunday (recommended)
  • You select if you want to take back your unsold items at the end of the event or donate them
  • If you have chosen not to donate your unsold items, you must pick them up on Sunday evening.  No exceptions.


Your tags will be set up to print on 8.5 x 11 paper.  We recommend cardstock paper which creates sturdier tags.



CLOTHING TAG PLACEMENT: Tags for clothing and other similar items should be attached to the garment label using a tagging gun or safety pin.  If no garment label, tag through the left underarm seam of a garment to avoid damage.

SAFETY PINS: Safety pins should be at least 1 inch long (Do not use straight pins).
Punch a hole on either side of the phrase “pin here” which will appear at the top of your tag. Don’t punch holes too close to the top of the tag otherwise the tag will tear away from the safety pin and item too easily.

TAGGING GUNS: Tagging guns can be used to attach tags to clothing instead of safety pins. Tags can be attached to the inside “tag” on a garment (at the neck) or through the seam of a garment to avoid damage.  The seam of the left armpit area usually works well. Tagging guns and supplies can be purchased online from sites such as eBay or Amazon.  You should expect to pay between $12-$20 for a decent tagging gun.

HANGING ITEMS: All items must be hung so that the clothing hanger is facing left so that it resembles a question mark (?). This way our shopper will see the front of your garment and not the back of it when shopping.

SHOES: Attach tags and keep shoes together using “zip” ties, ribbon or string. For shoes that cannot be ziptied, such as ballet flats or clogs, use a rubber band to hold the shoes together with the soles facing each other.

HANDBAGS: Use a ribbon or ziptie to attach the tag to the handle or strap.

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Pricing Guidelines


Pricing your items

A good rule of thumb is to price your items at 25-35% of what you paid for each item depending on the brand name and condition of the item.

  • Price to sell!
  • Ask yourself, "What would I pay for this at a consignment sale?"
  • Consider discounting your items during our half-price sale.  You don't want to take it home!

consignor support

You can also use our Facebook Consignors Only Group for questions.